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Pitanga Press. Pitanging since before you could even read.

Welcome to Pitanga Press, a small but passionate publishing company based in João Pessoa, Brazil dedicated to bringing the best in science fiction literature to readers worldwide.

Our company was founded by a group of scientists, mathematicians, and materials scientists, who share a deep love for the genre and a desire to promote understanding of how science meets humanity. Our goal is to publish books that are the literary equivalent of an ayahuasca trip.

At Pitanga Press, we believe that science fiction has the power to create the future. How many people in the space station grew up on Asimov? How many people building generative AI models took inspiration from Gibson or Stephenson? Everybody working in robotics today first dreamed of it when they saw C3P0, Data, Ava, Wall-E, Daleks, or Optimus Prime. 

Pitanga Press is named after the small Brazilian tropical cherry, because we know that big things sprout from small but bright-colored beginnings. 

Thank you for considering Pitanga Press for your science fiction reading needs. Because we are Brazilian, we sell books by the kilo. Comprar livros por quilo aqui